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Fantoni Wohnmöbel Büromöbel / Objektmöbel Wandgestaltung / Deckengestaltung Raumakustik Individueller Innenausbau
The company, the beating heart of the Group, is located in Osoppo in the province of Udine. Fantoni is a successful industrial entity on the international market of in the production of office furniture, chipboard and MDF panels. From the self-production of energy to the development of new materials, from the ergonomic research to sustainable design, from the production of glues and resins to cultural promotion the circuit is constantly renewed as we keep our eye on an unchanging goal: people and their health and comfort.

The historical landmark which features the company philosophy is the Multipli project, a range of furniture meant to meet the requirements of office environments designed by architect Gino Valle in 1968. This solution aimed at overcoming the concept of office as a ‘top-down structure’ in favour of an open system in constant evolution by using modularity of dimensions and shapes of the different elements, left bare of all useless decorative or functional details, including handles.

The basic concept of the Multipli collection with its unmistakable 45° angle - that visually cancels the thickness of the tops making of the single piece a perfect volume - can be found in most of Fantoni’s both operative and executive collections. The plants in Rivoli di Osoppo cover an area of about 1 square kilometre and employ a staff of 700 people, whilst the investments made exceed 350 million euros.

Produktgruppe: Sitzmöbel Tische Aufbewahrung Ergänzungsmöbel Homeoffice Bürostühle Bürotische Bürotischsysteme Stauraummöbel Raumtrennung Direktionseinrichtung Konferenz- / Besprechungsmöbel Informelle Zonen / Rückzugszonen Kleinmöbel / Ergänzungen Wartemöbel / Loungemöbel Eingangsbereich / Rezeption Sitzmöbel / Sitzsysteme Mehrzweckmöbel Gastronomie Krankenhausmöbel Trennwände Wandverkleidung Deckensysteme Abgehängte Decken Akustikdecken Deckenelemente Modulare Raumsysteme Trennwandsysteme Raumakustik Schalldämpfung
Designer: Mario Broggi Michael Burckhardt Adalberto Dal Lago Eri Goshen Matteo Ragni
Fantoni Spa
Z. I. Rivoli
33010, Osoppo Udine
Phone: +39-04-32 97 61
Fax: +39-04-32 97 65 46
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