CODIS BATH Badeinrichtung / Sanitär
CODIS was founded in 1987 by people who felt that design should be taken in account when designing and producing any bathroom. We mainly consider CODIS a family owned company, where nowadays the second generation of the family is the one that runs it.

Thanks to the contemporary design, quality and love we treat each of the units we produce, we strongly bet on product differentiation.

Our main goal is satisfying our customers´ needs, being always in touch with them.
CODIS BATH Badeinrichtung / Sanitär
We convert ideas and illusions in reality, always with the right price. Every raw material we use has to offer a top quality and it has to be respectful with the natural environment we all live in.

We do not place any boundary to our flexibility and adaptability, either when producing our products or even when it comes to communication or service.

Produktgruppe: Aufbewahrung Badewannen Duschen Waschtische Badmöbel Badspiegel Badaccessoires Aufbewahrung
Designer: Abad Diseño Joseba Arregi Xabier Arregui
Codis Bath
Area Anardi, 4A
20730, Azpeitia (Gipuzkoa)
Phone: +34 943 813 007
Fax: +34 943 816 450
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