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Calma Garten / Terrasse
Calma, the new outdoor furniture brand, has been developed by a group of outdoor furniture sector experts. Their experience and career have motivated them to carry out this project; from the own brand's corporate identity, design, production and release of each product, to its distribution in specialized international and domestic markets.

This project originates from L'Empordà, land known for the ”Tramontana” (strong northern wind which enlivens the mind as well as the body), its Mediterranean environment and its places famous for inventions and originality...

Produktgruppe: Sitzmöbel Sitzmöbel / Sitzsysteme Gastronomie Gartensitzmöbel Gartentische Garten-Lounge Badmöbel Sitzmöbel / Relaxmöbel
Designer: Serray & de la Rocha Ricard Vicens
Av. Empordà, 60 Polígon Industrial Pont del Príncep
17469, Vilamalla
Phone: +34 972 52 70 89
Fax: +34 972 52 52 50
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