Thomas Bendel Architekt

Berlin | Seit 1999

Bergfriedstrasse 19, 10969 Berlin, Deutschland
Telefon +49 (0)30 69536811
Fax +49 (0)30 69569024


Thomas Bendel Architekt
Thomas Bendel, Architekt

Thomas Bendel was born in 1965, he graduated from Architecture School, Stuttgart in 1993.
Thomas has worked as an architect for a variety of different studios in Berlin and Stuttgart.

Since establishing his own studio in 1999, Thomas has been completing projects within a wide range of architecture, such as interiors, display design, residential buildings, landscaping of private gardens and open spaces, of!ce design, design of medical practices and chancelleries. He was awarded in several competitions within the fields of architecture and urban design.

In contrast to a tendency in international architecture of seriality, Thomas focuses on a result which is precisely fitted on the clients needs and wishes. A high standard in craftmenship and an exceptional handling of high quality materials are self-evident. His projects gap the bridge between historical artefacts and temporary style, between architecture and interior design and the social human integration into privacy and publicity.