llot llov

Berlin | Seit 2006

llot llov
Kreativhaus Aqua Carré, 10969 Berlin, Deutschland
Telefon +49-(0)30-692 055 040
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llot llov
Ramon Toshiro Merker, Designer

Ramon Toshiro Merker is working as carpenter and interior designer. He regards his strength to lie in his craftsmanship, in process oriented working, and patience.

Jacob Brinck, Designer

Jacob Brinck is working as product-, furniture-, and graphic designer. His strengths lie in conceptual work, computer-aided design and endurance.

Ania Bauer, Designer

Ania Bauer is working as interior-, product and surface designer. She has an arty approach and sees her strengths in process oriented working, organisation, and enthusiasm.

Lena Hirche, Designer

Lena Hirche is working as strategy designer and empirical design researcher. She considers her strength to be conceptual thinking, evaluation of design and spirit.


"Because of our love for old things, our fancy for the ordinary and our joy in finding new interpretations, every piece of our work bears llot llovs special signature. Our idea of design is multidimensional: we avoid the drawing of boundaries, setting our preference on the experimental. llot lov look at the world, take risks, learn, understand and interpolate the world in an illogical, intuitive and creative way."