Sant Cugat del Vallès / Barcelona | Seit 1998

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Maurici Ginés Marín


Maurici Ginés Marin was born in Barcelona in 1970. His apprenticeship has been autodidactic due to the lack of academic studies in Spain linked to illumination design. He has fulfilled studies of lighting engineer and electric technician at the UPC University of Terrassa and courses of architecture.

In 1994, he begins his professional career with the purpose to introduce in Spain the figure of the independent architecture lighting designer. To the end of 1997, he moves to Argentina where he has the opportunity to enlarge his knowledge from a more developed design culture in artificial lighting.

In 1998, he founds Artecluminotecnia in Argentina, where he carries out some different projects. Two years later he comes back to Barcelona, where he works as a lighting designer carrying out advising projects in architecture lighting. Afterwards, the studio turns its name into Artec3.

Among his most important works, we can stand out the Tryp Hotel hall in Barcelona Airport and urban lighting projects in San Cugat de Vallès. His project for the Paseo del Óvalo in Teruel won the European Prize for Urban Public Space in 2004.

Maurici Ginés is a professional member of the Spanish Lighting Committee (CEI) and the first Spanish professional member of the Professional Lighting Design Association (PLDA).