Andrea Nusser

Geisenheim | Seit 1981 | Angestellte 6

Andrea Nusser Lighting & Interior Design
Winkeler Straße 100, 65366 Geisenheim, Deutschland
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Andrea Nusser
Andrea Nusser PLDA


Andrea Nusser studied interior design in Darmstadt. She has been a lighting designer since 1983, the year her first lighting projects date back. Since then she has realized many other lighting realizations, not only in Germany but also in France, Italy, Spain and North Africa. Her strength is creativity and enthusiasm for all projects she works at. Her style consists in the strict correlation between interior and lighting design, and in the key role that colour plays in her projects.

In 1981, Andrea founded her independent design office Nusser Lighting & Interior. In 2000 a second office was established in Frankenthal/Pfalz, Germany. The projects concern the lighting of parks, streets and exterior places as well as interior and architectural lighting of buildings.

She has worked for companies such as Porsche, Mercedes, Alpha Romeo and Siemens, as well for the DB (Deutsche Bahn) in the light-renovation of some German stations. Recently she has planned two museums in Dresden.
Andrea is a member of the Professional Lighting Designers’ Association (PLDA).
According to Andrea Nusser, lighting design is the conscious inset of light and shadow in the three dimensional space with fascination and emotion for interior, architecture and landscape.

Lighting design configures and structures architecture within the usage of all necessary technical knowledge.
It includes as well the sensitive recognition of the needs and wishes of human beings in conversion to their advantage combined with aesthetic functions.