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Wilkhahn Design Archiv-Stitz 2 leaning aid

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ProduktEntwicklung Roericht
Launched in 1993
Manufacturer Wilkhahn, Germany

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Seat Polyamide Seat with cork insert, natural finish
Frame Metal
Base Elastomer pouch Filled with quartz sand, base plate polyamide

A design classic, developed by ProduktEntwicklung Roericht, is the height-adjustable leaning aid for “sitting while standing”. The invented name of “Stitz” is based on the two German words “Sitzen” (sitting) and “Stehen” (standing). Roericht had already developed the first model in the 1970s, but for Wilkhahn it was not until the 1990s the time proved right for launching the reworked Stitz 2.

Seat height 65 cm Gas lift (+25 cm)
Overall height 65 cm Gas lift (+25 cm)
Width 31 cm
Depth 31 cm

List price 480 DM (Price List 1993)

Production period:
since 1993