Fire Deer andirons | Phillips

Phillips-Fire Deer andirons

Estimated value: 6000-8000 US$

20-21st Century Design Art

Sales date: 2002-05-22

New York

Lot number: 20


Russel Wright
Launched in 1930

Architonic id


This is the only known pair of the model to exist. The andirons appeared in a sales pamphlet, "Russel Wright's Circus," ca. 1930, which is reproduced in Kerr, p. 16 The "Circus" also included whimsical animals that served as paperweights and other desk accessories. According to anecdote, Wright changed the spelling of his first name in the late 1920s, when a supply of stationery he had ordered arrived with one "l" instead of two. The andirons date to such an early period in Wright's career that the unknown forger of them probably did not know the correct spelling of "Russel."

Iron stamped in the mold "C RUSSELL WRIGHT 1930" 151/2 x 6 x 211 /4 in. (394 x 152 x 54 cm)

Ann Kerr, Collector's Encyclopedia of Russel Wright, Paducah, KY, 1993, p. 15