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Wright-Coffee table

Estimated value: 100,000-150,000 US$

Important Italian Design

Sales date: 2006-12-05


Lot number: 610


Lucio Fontana, Osvaldo Borsani

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Reverse-painted glass, walnut
40 w x 41 d x 18.5 h
The first examples of Lucio Fontana's best-known series Concetto Spaziale were introduced in the early 1950s. Punctures and small cuts penetrate the two-dimensional surface, activating the composition while introducing an element of three-dimensional space. The slashes of paint on the pure surface of the glass both conceptually and aesthetically mimic the action that created punctures in Fontana's canvases. The vibrant background appears like an expansive horizon with the composition simultaneously representing void and presence, the absence of and illusion to space. One of only a few known versions, this table is the strongest and most vibrant of the collaborative painted artworks by Lucio Fontana for Osvaldo Borsani. This table has been authenticated by Fondazione Lucio Fontana.
Osvaldo Borsani, Gramigna and Irace, pg. 236 illustrates a variation on this form in situ Il Mobile Italiano Degli Anni '40 e '50, de Guttry and Maino, pg. 113 illustrates this form in an interior by Borsani and Fontana Les Styles des Annees 30 a 50, Brunhammer, pg. 151 illustrates this form Lucio Fontana: Catalogo Ragionato de Sculture, Dipinti, Ambientazioni, Tomo II, Crispolti, pg. 916, no. 52-53 V28
Private collection, Torino

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