Coffee table | Wright

Wright-Coffee table

Estimated value: 30.000-40.000 US$

Modernist 20th Century

Sales date: 2004-06-06


Lot number: 350


Wharton Esherick
Launched in 1958

Architonic id


Figured mahogany
58"w x 36"d x 18"h
In the decade before he died in 1970 at the age of 83, Wharton Esherick was heralded by the national art and design community as the "Dean of American Craftsmen." It was a fitting title for a lifetime spent in pursuit of craft. Ironically, much of his career was spent in relative isolation; a lone artisan pursuing his own vision of high-art craftsmanship during a period when hand craftsmanship was generally held in low regard by American culture. Yet ultimately, Esherick's work helped lead to the craft renaissance of the 1960s. The table shown here is a fine example displaying the complexity and subtleties of Esherick's art. Carved signature and date: [W. E. 1958] on edge.

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