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Wilkhahn Design Archiv-351/3 Chair

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Georg Leowald
Launched in 1955 - 1971
Manufacturer Wilkhahn, Germany

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Seat Leather Black
Back Wood Teak light
Frame Wood Teak light

Initial contact between Prof. Dr. Georg Leowald and Wilkhahn dates back to the 1950s. In subsequent years, Leowald was responsible for numerous, successful designs. The 351/3 chair was typical of Leowald designs: sophisticated woodwork details, excellent quality and the contours of Wilkhahn-specific “architect’s chairs”. In spite of high stability, this solid wood chair was light and comfortable. In addition to a cowhide cover, it was also available with a woven rush seat.

Seat height 46 cm
Overall height 78 cm
Width 47 cm
Depth 54 cm

List price 66 DM (Price List 38; 1950s)

Production period:
from 1955 to 1971

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