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Wilkhahn Design Archiv-225/2 Chair

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Georg Leowald
Launched in 1963 - 1966
Manufacturer Wilkhahn, Germany

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Seat Glass fibre-reinforced polyester Cushion orange
Back Glass fibre-reinforced polyester Cushion orange
Frame Steel tube Chromium-plated

Leowald had the ingenious idea of combining a choice of two different seat shells - with and without armrests - with different frame finishes to cater for diverse applications, thus meeting varying requirements: ranging from concourse seating and stacking chairs for event spaces to furniture for a dining room and offices. The need for hierarchical differentiation resulted in an extensive product family that emerged over the course of years: chairs with seat shells with varying dimensions and features which were mounted onto various types of frames.

The four-legged 225/2 had a seat and back cushion to meet higher demands on comfort.

Seat height 46 cm
Overall height 80 cm
Width 52 cm
Depth 50 cm

List price 133 DM (Price List 1963)

Production period:
from 1963 to 1966

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