Zieta Prozessdesign

Zürich | Since 2007 | Employees 2

Chippensteel, Making-of

Switzerland | Completed 2010

Zieta Prozessdesign-Chippensteel, Making-of
Chippensteel finished


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Zieta Prozessdesign-Chippensteel, Making-of
Chippensteel raw
Zieta Prozessdesign-Chippensteel, Making-of
The development of a limited edition Chipensteel chair. Available in open series in several colours - offering unique material and pattern experience. Uniquely processed and produced in FiDU using bending properties of steel sheets.

About FIDU
FIDU means inflating steel just like rubber toys!
With one exception – objects created this way are not necessarily toys.
Inflated steel sheets have a very high weight-capacity, so these funny looking shapes are indeed an innovative construction technology. Developed as a method of steel sheet stabilization, FIDU opens new possibilities of forming for the design objects and ultra-light constructions.

Every shape cut from steel sheet can be inflated into a 3d object. It means that the same technology can be applied to any complexity of form.
The contours of the metal sheets are cut using a laser, welded together by a robot and then inflated at high pressure to form a 3d object.

Zieta Prozessdesign-Chippensteel, Making-of
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