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ar-che® modular home

Elsterheide / Geierswalde | Germany

Living on the water is one of the all-encompassing usage concepts for the Lusatian Lake District.
On the south bank of Lake Geierswalder, metal worker Thomas Wilde and his team have erected the residential harbour “Scado” for the “Lusatian Floating House Dockyard”. Here you can find individual houses featuring unique half-arch architecture and inviting sundecks.
VitrA contributes to the open and dynamic concept of these modular, futuristic, glass and steel houses with the Istanbul collection.
VitrA Istanbul is characterised by its flowing, natural shapes and thus underlines not only the design approach but also provides individual design possibilities thanks to its flexibility.
“VitrA Istanbul is our favourite for bathroom design because the collection is consistent with our design ideas. Through its unusual, attractive and aesthetic design it has a high recognition value”, says Thomas Wilde of Wilde Metallbau GmbH. “Together ar-che and VitrA Istanbul create a unique atmosphere and leave no comfort requirements open”.

Design team:

Architektur: Wilde Metallbau GmbH


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Project address

Geierswalder See / Lausitz Resort Ferienhafen Scado / Wohnhafen Scado 5/6, 02979 Elsterheide / Geierswalde

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