Interstuhl reference projects

AOK Berlin

Berlin | Germany | Completed 2009

Interstuhl reference projects-AOK Berlin
Health insurance company with a new office culture
The building complex in Berlin Kreuzberg was built in the 1960’s by the famous architect Hans Scharoun. Accordingly, the renovation was carried out very cautiously, above all the outside appearance with the graduated structures and the cladding was hardly changed. The interventions inside the building were, however, much bigger, because it was primarily about improving the usage possibilities. For almost one thousand employees in an area of 9000m2, a modern, flexible office concept should be compiled. In this way team spirit should be encouraged, information flow facilitated, administration costs reduced, organisational changes made easier and the motivation of the employees should be improved. The results can be seen. Architects and consultants compiled an office concept together with the builders, which planned to dismantle the cell office. An open office landscape emerged with various sized team areas, with desk sharing work places, open space areas, meeting points and think tanks. A character of transparency and openness is dominant, the work zones and areas take into account the individual requirements of the employees. Particular importance was placed on ergonomics, but also on the life span, recyclability and the origin of the furniture.

The AOK in Berlin, which arose from the general factory worker, health, death and pension fund, has written social history in its 125 years of existence.
The existing building complex underwent extensive refurbishment and modernisation – starting in 2005. The strict criteria placed on furnishings, where importance was also placed on sustainability and environmental compatibility, led to the decision to use the interstuhl models: Silver, Goal and Pios.

The diversity of seats
The interstuhl models gained points for ergonomic and environmentally relevant criteria, but design and function also play a significant role. Therefore all normal work places were equipped with the office swivel chair Goal. This economic work chair unites numerous positive features which make every day working life easier, and it has achieved a range of certificates right up to LGA-Premium-Product. Its technical equipment - from the synchromechanics to weight regulation, from lordosis support to seat depth adjustment – will fulfil all your wishes.

In the waiting areas you can have a seat on Pios, an extremely comfortable cantilever chair, whose comfort is unique and certified like Goal. The directors show their special entitlement with the selection of the Silver model. Design, function and elegance are united in Silver to make a synthesis with classic features. The management staff work on Silver swivel chairs, which are supplemented by the matching visitor‘s chairs.

Design team:

RKW, Düsseldorf /Berlin

Interstuhl reference projects-AOK Berlin
Interstuhl reference projects-AOK Berlin
Interstuhl reference projects-AOK Berlin