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Product designers
Sylvain Willenz Design Studio
Sylvain Willenz, Designer

Born in Brussels in 1978. Sylvain Willenz has lived consecutively in the US, Belgium and in the UK. He studied Design Products at the Royal College of Art in London graduating in 2003. In 2004, Sylvain opened his studio, based in Brussels. Sylvain's works deal with projects from lighting to product design and furniture. His approach to design is characterized by a clear love for materials and processes. The work-spirit is straightforward and uncomplicated. Whilst remaining simple, design solutions are relevant, innovative and powerful. Projects celebrate design, archetypes, products and the industry.


Since setting up his studio in 2004, Sylvain Willenz has given birth to a handful of remarkable designs. A small, yet an early and consistent collection of design objects in which the signature of the young designer is precise and distinct: An experimental approach of materials, but a liking for clear and simple forms, an eye for detail and attention to the finished and manufactured product. Sylvain gets his kick out of trying out and experimenting things, sourcing his inspiration in the most common and unexpected everyday objects and materials. And although some early projects can have an experimental character, Sylvain never forgets the production value and the feasibility involved with real products. These elements taken into account, it is worth calling Sylvain a contemporary designer. Indeed, his first creations haven’t passed unnoticed. In 2002 he was the successful candidate of the international design competition Design for Europe at the Interieur Biennale in Kortrijk, in Belgium. in 2005, he was elected as the most promising designer of the year on the DesignBrussels fair. And since then his work has taken on with international and reputable collaborations. Thanks to his innovative, simple and fair approach to design, and some dry humor, Sylvain is unmistakably an important Belgian talent.


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2009 Nominated Belgian Designer of the Year
2009 UK Grand Designs Award Product of the Year (Torch Light Series)
2009 UK Grand Designs Award for Best Lighting Design 2009. (Torch Light Series)
2009 Elle Decoration International Design Awards 2009 for lighting (Torch Light Series)
2009 Red Dot Best of the Best Product Design Award 2009 (Freecom xxs Mobile Drive)
2009 iF Product Design Award 2009 (Freecom xxs Mobile Drive)
2008 Henry van de Velde Prijs Label (Torch Series)
2006 Henry van de Velde Prijs Label (InnerTube)
2006 Henry van de Velde Prijs Label (Stuff)
2005 Most Promising Designer, DesignBrussels Fair
2002 First prize from Interieur, Interieur 02 Design for Europe (Dr.B)
2002 First prize BSI British Standards Institution Awards
1999 First prize RSA (UK) Royal Society of Arts Student Design


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-Showcase at the Designed in Brussels Gallery, 10 January - 16 February 2008, Brussels

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-Henry Van De Velde Prijs, Presentation of Labelled objects, Brussels
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