Studio Hannes Wettstein

Zürich | Since 1991

Studio Hannes Wettstein AG
Seefeldstrasse 303, 8008 Zürich, Switzerland
Phone +41 44 421 22 22
Fax +41 44 421 22 66


Interior architects, Product designers
Studio Hannes Wettstein
Stephan Hürlemann is the creative lead at the Studio Hannes Wettstein.
Stephan Hürlemann, Partner
Britta Herold, Partner


Studio Hannes Wettstein is a well-known architecture and design office based in Zurich. The firm was founded in 1991 by star designer Hannes Wettstein. Since his death in 2008 his partner, ETH architect Stephan Hürlemann, has been the driving force behind the studio. Together with his team he designs architecture projects, installations, furniture and everyday objects for international clients. Britta Herold is Business Manager.