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Architects, Interior architects
Arne Quinze, Artist / Designer

Arne Quinze is born in 1971 in Belgium but lives and works in Miami (US) and Sint-Martens-Latem (Belgium). In the eighties he started out as a graffiti artist although he didn?t finish an official art eduction. The urge to express himself artistically and to strive for this dates from this period. Quinze creates large and small sculptures, drawings, paintings and large scaled. Smaller works, sketches and drawings are the basis and research for his large installations. In searching himself and optimizing every new idea Quinze is entirely absorbed in his world and creations. Recurring fundamentals in Quinze?s oeuvre are the use of multiple types of wood even refuse wood, electrical colours in fluorescent paint (yellow, orange, black) and themes referring to social interaction, communication, rhythms and the interplay of lines.

What drives him is the belief in the realization of an idealistic society where all individuals are communicating and interacting. Quinze aims to bring people together and push them into a vigorous dialogue. Communal activities flourish and social cohesion is the norm. His installations are built to provoke reaction and to intervene in daily life of the by-passers confronted with the sculpture. The Sequence in Brussels (Belgium), The Visitor in Beirut (Lebanon), Uchronia in the Nevada desert (US), The Traveller in Munich (Germany) are a handful of references. Neglecting our human needs we live in an era where direct social interaction has been well-nigh diminished to nonexistent. But man cannot survive alone, we seek refuge and joy in one another.

In every culture he comes across he unravels these physical processes drawing inspiration for his oeuvre that is fueled by overwhelming positivism. All installations are touching the essence of Quinze, he rather creates a new context rather than altering an existing one. Besides building architectural sculptures Quinze creates complex art pieces and video-installations blazing his vision in society how people see themselves and society in present and future. Among others in the galleries Phillips de Pury and Saatchi in London (UK) he exhibited with Africa Electronica showing African Masks, Bidonvilles, Stilthouses and Chaos pieces.

Quinze is an obsessive collector of used materials which he recycles to give their lines new life in the manifestation of his vision. In editing what he has found he redefines the layers and textures in his compositions. He aspires to improve the original imperfections in his quest to create the perfect line even while knowing this line might not exist. Every new creative breed captures his research and study on interaction, urbanity movement, speed and light in present-day society. Quinze scans a city in a blink of an eye and divulges the ongoing rhythm expressing the continuously evolving of human beings and their surroundings. But above all Arne Quinze tries to evoke communication and human interaction.

As an artist Quinze puts up a continuing fight within himself, with clients and his conceptual ideas. It?s an unceasing struggle encouraging people to confide in building up from scratch a whole new reality. In this endeavor Quinze feels very much related to the first leading contemporary artists in the world amongst them Miro, Picasso, Giacometti and Calder. What combines them is the struggle they brought about with more conservative powers to freely express themselves throughout their creating process. Quinze challenges himself round the clock yielding to the endless experiment art means to him.


SAQ is a conceptual and interdisciplinary design agency specialized in developing spatial sceneries and concepts.
Conceived upon the visionary heritage of artist Arne Quinze, the practice relies on a broad range of competencies where both architects, interior designers, urbanists, video-artists and graphic designers team up according to the specific orientation or necessities of each project. SAQ believes strongly in co-operation and regularly invites professional experts or companies to participate in the materialization or the elaboration of an idea.

Scale is no parameter. Intensive research, sketching, simulation, and dialogue are the fundaments of an intensive creative process leading to proposals for both small scaled designs and major urban complexes.
The multi-disciplinary fundaments on which it was conceived has orientated the studio since the beginning towards a range of activities that go beyond the traditional boundaries of an architecture practice. This interest is an ongoing process. Each project undertaken is a purpose to broaden perspectives.
The subjects on which SAQ is asked to ponder are multiple: the studio can be asked to contribute concepts for marketing strategies as well as for temporary installation for public events. This within the constantly evolving framework of societal and technological evolution.

In this versatility, every project or concept undertaken by SAQ thrives to deliver to its end-user powerful and moving experiences where all senses can be stimulated and where the materialized space almost forms an event in itself. As long as there is a creation of sense.
SAQ considers the relationship with the client as a vital element in the design process. A successful project is always the fruit of passionate and constructive debates between client and studio. With as ultimate goal the satisfaction of the end-user.

Acclaimed projects such as the fashion concept store L’ECLAIREUR (Paris-FR), or the restaurant KWINT (Brussels-BE) are some of the latest high-end realizations of SAQ’s interior architecture department. Currently, SAQ is also engaged in the masterplan outline for mixed use development in Brussels and Berlin where the offices are equally located.