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Lighting designers
Thomas Mika
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SIA: We work according to the SIA-phases and the current KBOB-rates.
We submit our approach to the design principles of the architects and other relevant planers within the design process. We work professionally and target-oriented either directly mandated by the client or within a contractor's (GP, TU, GU) structure.

Quality management: We assure our quality as well as our professional and efficient working method with the help of a quality system based on the ISO 9001 which we especially developed for our company. This QM-system defines all phases as processes within a flowchart and illustrates all sub-steps, decision processes, interfaces (internal and external) and working tools (forms and check-lists).

Interfaces: Our interfaces with all involved planers and crafts are individually adjusted according to the project and the respective project structure.
The basis for the extent and depth of work of all planning partners is an interface agreement based on the SIA-phases. A preliminary clarification of all relevant interfaces facilitates the project work for all planning partners.


Light is an integral component of architecture.

Reflexion provides lighting concepts that result from a perfect blend of Swiss engineering skill and design expertise. This has given us a leading position in lighting planning in Switzerland.

Each project starts with an intensive period of reflection, on the basis of which our employees develop professional, individual lighting concepts to meet the most sophisticated client requirements.

We take a holistic approach to our projects, because light always exists in a dialogue between bodies and materials.

We work closely as a team with the client and architects, and develop our projects using established processes. Empathy is crucial if we are to implement the client's wishes in the most effective way.

Environmental sustainability and energy efficiency are important planning criteria for us. Our work is product-neutral. Our recommendations are based solely on post-installation product performance, design and efficiency.