Antwerp-Berchem | Since 1973 | Employees 48

Uitbreidingstraat 390, 2600 Antwerp-Berchem, Belgium
Phone +32 (0)3 448 22 72
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OMGEVING is an independent, multi-disciplinary group of landscape architects, engineers, architects, urban and regional planners, and experts in environmental planning based in Antwerp, Belgium. From a small office of three (in 1973) it evolved over the years into a large enterprise with 48 experts, working both for the public sector and the private sector.

In Flemish the word ‘OMGEVING’ stands for ‘surroundings’ and it stresses the importance of the space around us. It includes the immediate space surrounding oneself, one's home, one's neighbourhood, region, and even country.

The designs of OMGEVING are thus consistently trying to explore this overlap of different scales in space, investigating the possibilities for a dialogue between them on cultural, social and environmental levels. Therefore, every project is always perceived as an opportunity to conduct this research, each time bringing not just a singular design, but a complete and cohesive strategy for the given context.