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Najjar & Najjar


Brothers Karim and Rames Najjar set up their practice in Vienna in 1999, and since then have executed range of designs from naval architecture to commercial buildings, to villas and their beloved ‘research’ projects. It is easy to see them as brothers constantly playing wit structures and forms, and their built work exudes an energetic enthusiasm for stretching angles and refining elements. There is something, too, of the fascination with natural forms. They might as easily tae on the shape and movement of a jellyfish as an insectoidal form, and then add elegant rhythmic fenestration, a series of supports that from a distance resembles an exoskeleton, all hard shell underpinned with a more delicate arrangement.

Karim and Rames also have a penchant for sharp, obtuse angles that convey a real sense of dynamism. It is no surprise then to see their sleek design of narrow, pointed profiles for yachts that seem much more about speed, a smooth arrow darting through the water, as about luxurious interiors. That fascination in movement is indulged in their research to which they dedicate a significant portion of their time and energy, and their experimentation with that they place under the rubric ‘kinematic structures‘. (Phyllis Richardson)


landing stage and world heritage centre
Krems-Stein an der Donau / Austria

Bruckner Private University, Academy of Music
Linz / Austria

LIIC London International Creative competition
Honorable mentioned

"best architects 07" - Germany
award winner

Betriebsgebäude Firma Prangl - Austria
2nd prize

Cabel Station "Galzig Bahn" St.Anton - Austria
2nd place

"Skywalk Spittelau" Fußgängerbrücke Wien, Wettbewerb 2004

Aluminium Architecture Award - Austria
1st prize

Nationalpark Center Thayatal - Austria
1st place

"Inszenierung einer Landschaft" Nationalpark Thayatal - Austria
1st place

"Semperit Forschungszentrum" - Austria
1st place

"Haus Bach" invited competition - Austria
1st place

"composite construction" - Austria
1st place

"Urban Dwelling" - Schinkenchiku-Sha Tokyo, Japan
2nd place

"Urban Threshold" - Takiron Tokyo, Japan
honorable mention


ODC at the MIPIM in Cannes 13-16 March 2007
Palais des Festivals et des Congrès
Esplanade Georges Pomidou-La Croisette Cannes, Frankreichss

MAK Center / Los Angeles
contribution 03.10.2004

"reserve der form"
Kunsthaus Wien 27.08-14.10.2004

"the sphere of bodies / the architecture of spheres"
Ningyo-cho, Tokyo

"1st International Architecture Biennale"

"architecture an aesthetic organisation"
Kunsthaus Muerzzuschlag, Austria

"kinematic Space"
Galerie Aedes, Berlin

Research & Development

Research and Development is a vital ingredient for the practice and a balance between experimental and real projects is kept in order to remain at the cutting-edge of the field.

Double curved Aluminium Facades
Our office was charged by the aluminium products industry (the companies: Alsphere, Pinical and SFL) with the task to develop a double curved façade from extruded metal elements, to be adapted from the ship building method of design and production. An aluminium façade system was developed to satisfy the aesthetic, structural, thermal and economical aspects required.The application of this innovative technology on several objects, lead to the award of the renown Austrian Aluminium Architecture Award 2003.

Kinematic Structures
Development of kinematic constructions that enables to transform spatial bodies from an initial state to another by induced translation.

Floating Structures 2005-2007
Research and development of floating sea structures. Adaptation of off-shore structures of oil industries.