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kimu design studio


The direction KIMU Design keep trying and experimenting to reach. Started from The New Old Light, we're keep discovering and discussing the new soul from the old living objects. To live as the past retro life is not our goal actually, what we are looking for is how to preserve those, being spread widely worth, classic objects. While we were embracing the tradition, we've also brought the contemporary value into our design concept, which focused on combining simple objects with new life style, The New Old Life.

In The New Old Life, we may reserve nature in our living style, inherit the traditional spirit and discover the trace of calm through the cultural collision of society. KIMU Design will keep discovering and combining those new and old objects and transferring them to be one of our living products. The New Old Life, actually, is also a question about the contemporary society for KIMU......

The new old life: working with nature
In 2014, we've just found the most important partner to cooperate with in The New Old Life: Nature.
We've proposed another possibility of lighting and a different combination and imagination of flowers.
Re-search the cooperation of nature and human, The New Old Life: Let’s embrace with nature and create another quiet strength.


Based in Taiwan, uphold the fresh taste of Taiwan.
KIMU introduces design into our environment by the most simple and natural ways.
They believe that design exists in close proximity with humanity.
Their products will positively transform the world.

KIMU committed with their design to narrow the distance between real life and dream life.
With the naturally, simplicity but ingenuity designing style.
You may notice the underlying story at the moment of using it.
Other than the direct expression, we may also find out the secret details after thinking carefully again and again.


2008 Germany - red dot best of best
2009 Germany - iF concept award
2010 Germany - iF lebens(t)räume
2010 U.S.A. - IDEA Finalist
2012 Taiwan – Eslite Design Festival Window Design Contest 1st place
2013 Germany - imm cologne D3 Design Talents


Foreign Exhibition:
2011 Tokyo, Japan - Tokyo Design Tide_Tide Market
2011 Tokyo, Japan - Tokyo Designers Week_Tent Shop
2012 Beijing, China –nuandao
2012 London, UK - Tent London
2012 Tokyo, Japan – Design Tide
2013 Cologne, Germany - imm cologne
2013 Tokyo, Japan - Shueido

Local Exhibition:
2011 Here comes rainbow exhibition
2011 Allo Café exhibition
2011 Taiwan Designers Week
2012 Taiwan Designers Week