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Kai Flender
Kai Flender, Freier Architekt ARB AkBW

1968 Born in Waldshut, South Germany
1988 – 1994 Studies in Architecture at the University Stuttgart, Germany
1993 Studies in Architecture at the Università di Firenze, Italy
1994 Diploma at the University Stuttgart

Professional Career
1994 – 1998 Nicholas Grimshaw & Partners, London
1999 – 2004 Nicholas Grimshaw & Partners, Zurich
2000 – 2011 Own office in South Germany
2006 – 2011 Foundation of flender generalplaner

Partnership with
Grimshaw Architects, London, England
Itten+ Brechbühl Architects, Switzerland
P.arc, Switzerland
Camenzind Evolution, Switzerland
DEGW, London – Munich – Milan
Feddersen & Klostermann, Zurich
Gruner + Wepf Gruppe, Switzerland

Completed buildings
1994 – 1996 Ludwig Erhard Haus (Stock Exchange), Berlin
1996 – 1997 Hal 9000 Cemex, Monterrey, Mexico
1997 – 1999 St. Botolphs House, City of London, England
1997 – 1999 Ij Burg Bridges, Amsterdam, Holland
1998 Paddington Station Phase 2, London, England
1998 – 2004 Airside Center, Zurich Airport, Switzerland
1998 – 2004 Main Station + Shopping Center, Zurich Airport, Switzerland
2002 – 2003 Shopping Mall, May Gruppe Bad Säckingen, South Germany
2003 – 2004 Shopping Mall, May Gruppe Waldshut, South Germany
2004 House H, Deutschland
2004 – 2005 Swisscom Move Project, Switzerland
2005 Dubai Tower, UAE Dubai
2005 – 2006 Resmed Projects, Germany, Switzerland, Austria
2007 Main Security Check-In Building, Siko Turm, Zurich Airport, 
2006 – 2008 Schengen Masterplanning, Zurich Airport, Switzerland

Projects under construction
1999 – 2011 Zürich Tram System, Glattalbahn, Zurich
2007 – 2012 Schengen Fit-Out Immigration Hall, Zurich Airport, Switzerland
2008 – 2011 Restoration of a 900-year-old building, Amthaus 1275, Waldshut
2009 – 2011 Extension of Zurich tram system, Tram Hardbrücke, Zurich, 
2010 – 2011 Coop Pronto Shop, Stettbach, Zurich, Switzerland
2010 Masterplanning BURRI AG, Zurich
2011 Production and Services Building, BURRI AG, Zurich

Mission Statement

The aim is perfection. We do start with the best products and are trying to improve these. We do not accept the 80/20 per cent rule. Our every day practice is an interdisciplinary work relationship early in the project with specialists and engineers. The overall design philosophy is a design process of each product from its whole up to the detail. Public architecture, especially steel structures, the repetitive and serial production process and life cycle cost issues are our core business. The product and building range reaches from master planning, airports up to the product and industrial design of public infrastructure. The equilibrium of design, cost, program, feasibility, ecology and corporate image are forming all our products.


First prize Ideenwettbewerb: Rheinschloss, Waldshut

MIPIM Architectural Review Future Pvrojects Award
Dubai Tower, competition


Winner of SIA (Swiss Association of Engineers and Architects) 

Award: Glattalbahn, entire project

Winner of SIA (Swiss Association of Engineers and Architects)
Award: Glattalbahn, first phase