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IROJE KHM Architects
1805 Gardentower Building, Unni-dong, Jongro-gu, 110-795 Seoul, Korea (Republic of)
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IROJE KHM Architects
Kim HyoMan, B. Arch

Architect HyoMan Kim is the principal of IROJE KHM Architects.
He was born in Seoul in 1955.

He is many kinds of award-winning architect in Seoul, Korea.
Including the 2009 3rd and 4th World Architecture community Award (20+10+X award), 2005~2006, 2007~2008 ARCASIA(Architects Regional Council of Asia) AWARD GOLD MEDAL, Architectural Culture Award of Korea, Architectural Award of Seoul, CRI-AC AWARD, etc....are awarded.
He is concurrent professor of graduate school of architecture Gyeonggi University and editorial adviser of CONCEPT Magazine.

He received B.A in architecture from Dankook University.
He has exhibited his works in New York, USA “The Good Life”, in Torino, Italy “2008 UIA congress, ARCASIA TODAY”, in Osaka, Japan by JIA “The Modern Architecture to make History Alive”.