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Chemin Philibert-de-Sauvage 37, 1219 Châtelaine – Genève, Switzerland
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Laurent Ammeter, Architect ETS
Adrien Besson, Architect EPFL SIA
Tarramo Broennimann, Architect IAUG SIA
François de Marignac, Architect EPFL SIA
Manuel Der Hagopian, Architect IAUG
Grégoire Du Pasquier, Architect EPFL SIA
Oscar Frisk, Architect EPFL SIA
Christophe Pidoux, Architect EPFL SIA
Daniel Zamarbide, Architect IAUG SIA


Founded in 2000, and consisting of 9 partners and a team comprising some 70 employees, group8 is an architectural firm whose R&D priorities are to redefine a number of boundaries in design. For each project, the aim is to come up with a specific configuration that best fits the context, the programme, and the social and environmental framework.

Since 2003, group8 has won many high-profile competitions, including the building designed for relocating the Etat de Genève’s environment department, as well as the international contest for WTO’s delocalised HQ extension in Geneva. The firm has gained considerable experience in cooperating with public project owners such as FIPOI, WTO, ICRC, Etat de Genève, Ville de Genève, while also carrying out many private projects.

In 2007 the firm created its branch group8asia, based in Hanoi, Vietnam, in order to develop its Asian projects. In 2008, it won the international contest Punggol Public Housing in Singapore, comprising over 1800 units. group8’s projects are regularly presented in many publications in Switzerland and abroad. In 2010, it was nominated for the Distinction Romande d’Architecture.

Aiming to innovate and produce creative strategies, group8 focuses on objects that can set the standard at all levels, in terms of economic and environmental efficiency. Integrating a cultural added value within each project is part of all actions and discussions within the team. Group8’s workshop culture contributes to increasing satisfaction and synergies through teamwork at both local and international level.


Residential buildings in Cressy, Geneva, Switzerland, 2nd prize
Three residential and commercial buildings in Collonge-Bellerive, Geneva, Switzerland, 2nd prize

Punggol Waterfront, social housing, 1’800 apartments, Singapore, 1st prize
JTI headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland, 1st prize
Masterplan, La Chapelle-Les Sciers, Geneva, Switzerland, 1st prize
Three residential buildings in Troinex Geneva, Switzerland, 1st prize
Visitor’s centre, ICRC - MICR, International Committee of the Red Cross and International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum, Geneva, Switzerland, 1st prize
Child care centre in Pinchat, Geneva, Switzerland, 2nd prize
Housing and child care centre in Veyrier, Geneva, Switzerland, 2nd prize
Council building, Bernex, Geneva, Switzerland, 2nd prize
Giang Vo Complex, Hanoi, Vietnam, 2nd prize
Coalimex office building, 1st prize
FPT Headquarters, Hanoi, Vietnam, 2nd prize

Logistics complex ICRC - International Committee of the Red Cross, Geneva, Switzerland, 1st prize

Andermatt, high standard houses, Andermatt, Uri, Switzerland, 1st prize
Swiss pavillon at the world expo 2010 in Shanghai, (China), 2nd prize
Urban planning “Gas Factory” (Usine à Gaz), Geneva, Switzerland, 3rd prize

Residential building, les Grottes, Geneva, Switzerland, 1st prize

Housing complex, Bellevue, Geneva, Switzerland, 1st prize
Expansion and renovation of the Champ-Dollon prison, Geneva, Switzerland, 2nd prize
Expansion of the IUCN, World Conservation Union, Gland, Vaud, Switzerland, special mention

Montreux Town Hall, Vaud, Switzerland, 3rd prize

International competition for the expansion of the WTO Geneva, Switzerland, 2nd prize, awarded project
Green House, Canton Geneva’s department of environment, Geneva, Switzerland, 1st prize
School in Satigny, Geneva, Switzerland, 2nd prize
Local housing for the elderly, Genolier, Geneva, Switzerland, 2nd prize


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2010 Geneva new offices designed by group8

2010 Hanoi new offices designed by group8asia

2009 - present Punggol Waterfront, social housing,1’800 apartments, Singapore

2009 - present Visitor’s centre, MICR-ICRC
Client :International Committee of the Red Cross, Geneva, Switzerland,

2008 - present WTO - World Trade Organisation Headquarters (GE, Switzerland)
Client: FIPOI, WTO

2008 - present Geneva-Palexpo, Transformation of the Exhibition Center (GE, Switzerland)
Client: Palexpo SA

2008 - present ICIR, Logisitc Building for the Red Cross (GE, Switzerland)
Client: FIPOI

2007 - present Residential development, Veyrier (GE, Switzerland)
Client: Implenia Real State

2007 - present Residential development, Crans-près-Céligny (VD, Switzerland)
Client: Private

2007 - present Residential development for 9 units, Crans-près-Céligny (VD, Switzerland)
Client: Private

2007 - present Residential building CODHA, les Grottes, Geneva
Client: CODHA, Coop.

2007 - present New Andermatt Villa development, Andermatt (UR, Switzerland)

2006 - present Two residential buildings at Chandieu, Geneva
Client: A&A Real Estate SA

2005 - 2006 International Conference Centre Geneva
Interior Refurbishing
Client: FIPOI

2005 Study mandate for the reassignment of former SIG sites
Client: City of Geneva

2004 - present Avenue de France Administrative Building
Client: FIPOI

2004 - 2006 Three residential buildings in Bulle (FR, Switzerland)
Client: Ambiance & architecture SA

2004 - 2007 Four residential buildings in Gland (VD, Switzerland)
Client: Constructions Perret SA

2003 - present Building for the relocation of the State of Geneva’s environmental services
group8 - ACAU, architectes associés
Client : State of Geneva (DAEL)

2000-04 Administrative building in Chavannes-de-Bogis (VD, Switzerland)
Client : Slatkine Reprints S.A.

1998-02 4-star Hotel, 30 rooms, in Nyon (VD, Switzerland)
Client: Mr. Tracchia