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Carlos Dias

*Huambo, Angola, 1961

Architect graduated at FAUUSP [University of São Paulo Architecture School, 1986], and with equivalent diploma at Universidade do Porto, 1994. He is an active member of the ‘Ordem de Arquitetos de Portugal’ [Portugal Order of Architects]. He has his own architectural office since 1986, with built works in São Paulo, Portugal and Luanda.

Awards prior to 2007:

1997|1st Prize_ National Competition for Brazil Pavilion at EXPO ’98, Lisboa.

2003| Honorable Mention_ International Competition ‘Hellenikom’, Greece.

Lucas Fehr

*Jundiaí, Brasil, 1965

Architect graduated at FAUUSP [University of São Paulo Architecture School, 1987], Master’s Degree at the same institution [1999], with the dissertation “Free Spaces Conformed by Edifications”,. He is currently studying for Doctor’s Degree also at FAUUSP. Professor at FAU Mackenzie [Mackenzie University Architecture School _ since 2002] and Escola da Cidade [since 2006]. Coordinator, at Mackenzie University, of ‘Mosaico’ – Model Office of Architecture and Urbanism. Has published a number of articles and participated in congresses, seminars, expositions, and architecture biennials, both national and international.

Awards prior to 2007:

1997|Award_ Built Works. Young Architects Prize, 1997 _ IAB São Paulo; Museu da Casa Brasileira Architectural Prize, for the design of the Auditorium of Colégio Santa Maria, SP [Co-authors: + Maria Albertina J. Carvalho and Cecilia Horner Hoe].

1991|Award_ National Competition for the Design of the Municipal Palace, Osasco, SP _ IAB São Paulo. [Co-authors: + Maria Albertina J. Carvalho, Cecilia Horner Hoe and Paul Meurs]

Mario Figueroa

*Concepción, Chile, 1966

Graduated achitect from FAU PUCCAMP [Campinas Catholic University Architecture School _ 1988]. Doctor’s Degree from FAU USP [University of São Paulo Architecture School, 2002] with the Thesis: “Collective Housing in São Paulo: 1927>1972”. Professor at FAU Mackenzie [Mackenzie University Architecture School _ since 1993] and at CAU Belas Artes [Belas Artes Architecture Course _ since 1998]. Also at Mackenzie University acts as the coordinator at the post-graduation course “Architecture Design in the Contemporary City”. He has participated as a guest professor and lecturer in various national and international institutions [Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Spain]. He has regularly published texts, essays and projects in magazines and specialized web sites.

Awards prior to 2007:

2003|1st Prize_ Category Building Design [LV House] _ National Prize Cauê 2003, Camargo Corrêa / IAB _ São Paulo. [Co-author + Luciana Brasil]

2001|Honorable Mention_ Young Architects Prize, 2001: UniABC Central Library, IAB _ São Paulo [Co-author + Álvaro Puntoni]

1998|3rd Prize_ Public Competition for Fapesp Headquarters, Fapesp. [Co-author + Roberto and Valéria Fialho].

1998|1st Prize_ Competition for Mackenzie University Post Graduation new logotype, Mackenzie University. [Co-author + Martón Gyuriza].

1997| Honorable Mention_ National Competition <São Paulo Eu Te Amo [São Paulo I love you]>, District Freguesia do Ó, São Paulo City Hall - SP. [Co-authors + Roberto and Valéria Fialho].

1997|3rd Prize_ National Competition: Brazil Mail Company’s Headquarters Retrofit _ SP, Brazilian Mail and Telegraph Comapny. [Co-authors + José Magalhães Jr. and José Francisco Magalhães].

1991|2nd Prize_ National Competition for Physical Reordering of Laucídio Coelho Park, ACRISUL and IAB / Dept. Campo Grande-MS. [Co-authors + Marcelo Corrêa, Rita Enz, Ricardo Aufieri and Marcelo Gaudino]


Architecture studio formed in 2007, after receiving the first prize in the International Competition for the ‘Museo de La Memória y Centro Matucana’, in Santiago, Chile. During its short period of existence, the studio has produced various projects, many of them published in national and international architectural journals and/or awarded, deeply compromised with a creative and open intellectual process, searching for new ways to design, debate and build urban responsible architecture. Through this multidisciplinary design lab have passed, in less than two years, almost 50 people from distinct nationalities [Angola, Brazil, Chile, France, Mexico, Portugal], as much in Brazil as in our branch office in Chile.


2010|1st Prize_ National Public Competition ‘Complexo Teatro Castro Alves’ [Castro Alves Theater Complex] _ Modernist Great Theater requalification, new building containing a Reference Center for Spectacle Enginieering / IAB-BA [Architects’ Institute of Brazil], Salvador, Bahia.

2009|1st Prize_ National Public Competition ‘Complexo – Hotel Paineiras’ [Hotel Complex Paineiras] _ Historical Hotel Requalification, Transferring Transport Station, Convention Center and Public Stores, Bars and Restaurants / IAB-RJ [Architects’ Institute of Brazil], Corcovado, Rio de Janeiro.

2009|2nd Prize_ National Public Competition ‘Praça do Natal’ (Christmas Square), Natal, RN. IAB Architects’ Institute of Brazil, Rio Grande do Norte.

2009|Honorable Mention_ Competition: Valparaíso Cultural Center, CHILE. MOP_ Chilean Ministry of Public Works.

2008|1st Prize_ Category Building: Housing Design [VRG House] _ IAB SP 2008, Architects’ Institute of Brazil, São Paulo.

2007|1st Prize_ International Competition: ‘Museo de La Memória y Centro Matucana’, Santiago de CHILE. MOP_ Chilean Ministry of Public Works.

2007|5th Prize_ National Architecture Competition: TRT [Tribunal Regional do Trabalho - Regional Work Court] Headquarters _ Goiânia, Goiás, Goiás regional Work Court / IAB, Architects’ Institute of Brazil, Goiás.