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Denton Corker Marshall
architecture & urban design
49 Exhibition Street, VIC 3000 Melbourne, Australia
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Denton Corker Marshall


Founding Directors:
John Denton
Bill Corker
Barrie Marshall

Steven Quinlan
John Rintoul

Budimann Hendropurnomo

Adrian FitzGerald
Ian White
Neil Bourne
Peter Williams
Greg Gong
Wojciech Pluta
Anna Piatkowska (Administration)

A studio-based practice that has grown internationally, Denton Corker Marshall’s body of work constantly explores the fusing of art, architecture and tectonics into a distinctive architectural language.

Denton Corker Marshall’s work is characterised by an uncompromising attitude to design quality. The ability to solve complex design problems is the hallmark of the practice. From the world’s tallest building down to the scale of a coffee cup, the studio’s design approach consistently produces highly original solutions. As architects, the firm operates from a core of planning. Whenever designing projects the objective is to design beyond site and programme to embrace wider environmental and social concerns.

Denton Corker Marshall has won numerous commissions to design buildings of international significance, such as the Stonehenge Visitor Centre and Interpretive Museum and the Manchester Civil Justice Centre in the UK, the Australian Embassies in Beijing and Tokyo and The Melbourne Museum.

Denton Corker Marshall’s commitment to pursuing excellence in design has been recognised throughout the architectural and design professions. The office has received numerous awards from Institutes of Architects in Australia, Asia and Europe. In 1996 John Denton, Bill Corker and Barrie Marshall were jointly awarded the Royal Australian Institute of Architects’ most prestigious and highest honour, the Gold Medal. The practice has been successful in a substantial number of design competitions. Its consistent success can be attributed to its commitment to design orientated outcomes via the design studio model.

The practice began in Melbourne in 1972 and is today run by founding directors John Denton, Bill Corker and Barrie Marshall together with a team of 10 directors across three studios: Stephen Quinlan and John Rintoul in London, Budiman Hendropurnomo in Jakarta and seven directors in Melbourne - Adrian FitzGerald, Ian White, Neil Bourne, Peter Williams, Greg Gong, Wojciech Pluta and Anna Piatkowska (Administration). With 120 architects and design staff, the firm utilises advanced communications and is committed to a global presence with completed projects in 20 countries.