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Cadaval & Solà-Morales
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Cadaval & Solà-Morales
Clara Solà-Morales, MArch

She is a licensed architect with a degree in Architecture from the Escola Tecnica Superior d'Arquitectura de Barcelona, ETSAB, and holds a Master in Architecture (MarchII) from Harvard University. Prior to establishing Cadaval & Solà-Morales she worked at TEN Arquitectos NY in charge of the design of the Aztec exhibitions at New York and Bilbao Guggenheim Museum. She also worked at Harvard University Center for Urban Development Studies. She has taught at Harvard's Career Discovery program and at the Boston Architectural Center. She is currently an associate professor of architecture at Tarragona’s School of Architecture ETSAT, UPC.

Eduardo Cadaval, MArch

He is a licensed architect. He holds a BA from the National University of Mexico (with special honours) and a Master of Architecture in Urban Design from Harvard University. Before founding Cadaval & Solà-Morales, he worked for Abalos & Herreros in Madrid, and for Field Operations in New York. Cadaval has taught at Harvard's Career Discovery program, the Boston Architectural Center, Calgary's University Barcelona program and the National University of Mexico. He was awarded with the National Council for the Arts Young Creators grant and the National Council for Science and Technology scholarship, both from the Mexican government. Since 2006 he is an associate professor of urbanism at Barcelona’s School of Architecture ETSAB, UPC.


Cadaval & Sola-Morales was founded in New York City in 2003 and moved to both Barcelona & Mexico City in 2005. The studio operates like a laboratory in which research and development are seen as an important element of the design process. The mandate of the firm is to create intelligent design solutions at many different scales, from large scale projects to small buildings, from objects to city fractions. The studio has won numerous awards including the prestigious Bauwelt Prize (Munich 2009), the Young Architects Prize from the Catalan Institute of Architects (Barcelona 2008), the Design Vanguard Award (New York 2008) and the silver medal of the XI Mexican Architecture Biennale (Mexico 2010). Cadaval & Sola-Morales have completed built projects in the United States, Spain and Mexico. Their work has been selected for multiple exhibitions in Europe and abroad, including among others: The IX Spanish Biennale of Architecture (were they got an honourable mentions for Young Architecture), the Biennale Barbara Capocchin in Italy, the FAD prize exhibition, Including the best architectural works built in the Iberian peninsula, and the Exhibition of Young Spanish Architects organized by the government of Spain. Cadaval & Sola-Morales' projects have been published worldwide in some of the most prestigious publications such as: Domus, Quaderns, Metropolis Magazine, AIT, ARQ Chile, Arquitectura Viva, and El Pais Semanal. In addition to their professional practice Eduardo Cadaval and Clara Solà-Morales have taught and lectured at several top academic institutions. They have acted as visiting design critics at such universities as Harvard, Yale and The University of Pennsylvania. In 2007 Cadaval & Solà-Morales were considered by Wallpaper Magazine (London) as one of the world’s 10 best young offices, In 2008 Architectural Record, the official magazine of the American Institute of Architects also considered them as one of the ten most vanguardist firms at international level.