Arjen Reas

Marlijnstraat 18 | BR Hoogvliet Rotterdam | Since 2010

Arjen Reas - Bureau voor architectuur - interieur - bouwkunde
Marlijnstraat 18
3192 BR Hoogvliet Rotterdam, Netherlands
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Arjen Reas
Arjen Reas

Arjen Reas, born in 1981, started his career after finishing his study on the subject ‘Healing design’. A design concept which uses light, color and material to create a space that benefits the persons who occupy that space. For example a hospital with a design which helps the patients get better quicker than normal, or a childrenshome with kids who have a concentration disorder where the design can help to relax them.
During his architectural study at the academy he practiced architecture at several architectural firms, such as the renowned firm Kraaijvanger Urbis, before he started his own in 2010.
By working in close contact with contractors, advisors and other specialists it is possible to work as a small firm and hereby keeping the costs as low as possible. This is nice to know as a client now a days.


Arjen Reas believes that a well designed architectural building is like the brains in your body. It steers you, gives emotion and let you experience the surroundings. The fusion between light, space and routing is the key element for creating a well designed building.
And other than seeing the building as an object were the shape is the main attraction it is the experience of living and moving through the building which gives us the real feeling of architecture.