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3GATTI is an international architectural firm that devotes itself to innovation and integration of environment, human beings and buildings. It offers design, consultancy, and management services of urban and architectural projects ranging from commercial, office, residential and mixed-use development projects, renovation of historical buildings, interior decoration projects, and infrastructure construction projects. From master planning, site evaluation and feasibility study, to the conceptual design, design development and construction drawings, and to the project management and site supervision. In addition to architectural expertise, the firm also expands its design onto industrial design, lighting design and furniture design.

Under the experience acquired over 10 years of working on a wide variety of architectural projects in Italy and Europe, architect Francesco Gatti and his 2 partners established 3GATTI in 2002. With the strong ambition to realize his architectural thoughts, he devotes himself to oversea projects, larger and more challenging projects in east Asia, especially in China. The firm's initial commissions include restoration work, designing public cultural centers in Italy and work with the Vatican to develop the Lateran University (in this connection the firm was awarded several international awards for innovation in interactive mechanical architecture).

In 2004, 3GATTI established an office in Shanghai to work on several urban, architectural and interior design projects.

The most important architectural projects are these:
the Automobile Museum in Nanjing, “RED WALL” retail-office building in shanghai; the Plaza de Shenyang Redstar furniture & decoration (two shopping malls and five residential towers), in Xitiexi district, Shenyang; the Plaza de Zhengzhou Redstar furniture & decoration, (two shopping malls and five residential towers), in ZhengDong New District; "500M³ design " GBD art district phase, Beijing-China, the “In Factory” old factories renovations, the “KIC plaza” park

The key interior projects include:
the “Alter” fashion store, the “Red Object” space, Shanghai office at IN FACTORY(the red object project), "TUUN" DanYin Wellness Juice Bar, "Hightex" textile group concept shop, Hangzhou, the model villa at Cloundland, ”THE CUT” - interactive disco experience" disco cluband the “ZeBar" bar, Shanghai;.

Over the past 7 years the 3GATTI Team in Shanghai has developed a wealth of experience and a solid team. It has won the trust of its clients and set up long-term relationship with some international renowned companies. Moreover, it enriches its experience and sets up its reputation with successful cooperation with the local government authorities to solve the physical architectural problems involved in the historical restoration and development in China.

3GATTI is focusing on providing clients throughout Asia with innovative and functional design solutions. With a multi-national team of architects and designers, it commits itself to offering its clients the highest level of professional design service to ensure that their needs and visions are transformed into reality.


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"500M³ design " GBD art district phase 1 architecture competition, phase1 silver price, entered in the construction phase, Beijing-China, 2007
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“New IUAV site for refrigeration warehouses at S.Basilio” in collaboration with Arch. M. Maturi, Venice-Italy.